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Catastrophic Forgetting (The Problem Today.)

by naja posted Jul 6 2022, 8:22

Hi I will not be able to go into much detail as I am sure you all are aware of the paranoia in the industry right at the moment. I am posting today because I believe in you.. That's right you heard me right and I'm not pulling your leg. I truly believe some of you have some brilliant ideas bouncing around behind those bright young eyes.. I myself am not an elderly man yet I am no spring flower either. Ok so.. I present to you what I myself have been presented with and I am hoping you all can throw some ideas out there.. Don't be scared if you think it sounds strange.. I love strange! How strange would a cellphone been to Christopher Columbus and yet here we are!

Without further procrastination here it is in a nut shell.

So. We have a.i. doing many things now and facial recognition is important from a secure world point of view ok. Opens the door for so many bright minds to comment! Yes pick parts of this post out and reply to those parts and someone else will come along and reply to the rest.. Don't worry just participate.. You are all Pioneers who are shaping the future of mankind. History is being written.. Participate.

 So back to subject, my apologizes I do enjoy knowing one of you will soon be making discoveries that will forever change life as we know it today.

 So we have a problem ladies and gentlemen.. The a.i. DEEP NEURAL NETWORKS are forgetting.. Yes I know sounds impossible right.. Thats what we thought as well. And yet here I am asking you to throw whatever your brains says out into the replies below. It's important to say the very least. I need new ways and angles to look at it from and you can provide that. I will be giving credit where credit is due after I check with the person to make sure its ok to mention them.. Just a respect thing ya know. Ok so I will be checking back very frequently and joining the replies to let you know that I am here too. Drop your opinions on why the a.i. is forgetting below.. Ready...??? 1.. 2... 3.. GO!!

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Posted: Jul 6 2022, 8:22
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